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if you're interested So. I have this annoying problem with 14.04 server edition with older xorg (11.4). xorg 7.x is kinda old This happens for my video card, not sure if the card itself is broken or what. redemptionsong: sounds like a driver issue redemptionsong: A general rule is that versions above 7.8 are usually rather unsupported and there are normally pre-built xorg.conf files to make things work. If you are still running 8.something which xorg version, then I would try the Ubuntu-supplied xorg.conf to see if it works seems like there is a version specific xorg.conf genii: I tried that, the xorg.conf I was using worked for Xubuntu 13.04 and 14.04, but for some reason (this is my first time dealing with xorg config files) the Xubuntu 14.04 xorg.conf won't work. so you're using the ubuntu xorg.conf Yes. also says it's a nvidia card genii: I could try updating the Xorg version, I'm not completely sure what I'm doing with config files. I had Ubuntu 14.04 installed originally. Ben64: Does that mean anything to you? nvidia is pretty well supported looks like it's using a xorg.conf genii: and here's the contents of the xorg.conf I'm trying to use, but it won't work. redemptionsong: You did use the nvidia-prime which is where that particular driver seems to be loaded redemptionsong: The problem is the: Option "RegistryDwords" "EnableBrightnessControl=1" ...




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Airbox Playout Software Crack 195 [Latest] 2022

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