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'I'll Die Another Day': Ukrainian Gymnast Viktoriia Onoprienko Receives a Standing Ovation

Hello everyone,

Today’s post is about Ukrainian gymnast Viktoriia Onoprienko. She performed recently at the Italian Championships Series A in Napoli. The Italian RG club ‘Armonia D'abruzzo’ was not only her competitive team, but is also currently hosting Viktoriia full-time and commendably supports her. Like millions of other Ukrainians, this gymnast has had to flee her home country ravaged by war where she would have faced violence and destruction. Her performance at the Italian Championships was wonderful and captivating, while the audience’s response to it was phenomenal! Viktoriia was welcomed by the Italian spectators cheering loudly from their seats, obvious even from watching the livestream video recording (see below). What is more, at the end of her clubs routine, she received a standing ovation from the audience. This was an exemplary behaviour from spectators in the RG fan community. It reminds us that compassion and good is what makes us human and unites every one of us during challenging times. ❤️

Viktoriia’s Clubs Routine 2022

Viktoriia performed one routine – with the clubs – for which she was awarded 30.850 points. She is such a beautiful gymnast and has evolved in her style since she performed at the Olympic Games in Tokyo in 2021. Despite one obvious mistake with the apparatus, Viktoriia was absolutely stunning on the carpet! Her choice of music is a textbook example of how to do the dance/pop/electro music genre ‘right’. She has chosen the very minimalist song ‘Die Another Day’ by Madonna from the James Bond film ‘Die Another Day’ (2002). The piece sounds mysterious and speaks of resilience as the singer ‘refuses to die’ repeatedly through the lines: ‘I guess I’ll die another day/ It’s not my time to go’. What a poignant message from Viktoriia Onoprienko as her country is under attack.

In a continuous series of rhythmic movements, Viktoriia delivered a routine that was well-crafted to recreate the accents in the musical piece. As a result, she succeeded in portraying a strong and confident female character on the carpet. This is the classic ‘Ukrainian style’ in rhythmic gymnastics - the embodiment of elegance and strength in this sport. I have previously written of another Ukrainian gymnast - Victoria Mazur, and her ball routine set to the ‘Goldeneye’ theme tune in my James Bond in Rhythmic Gymnastics article – so go ahead and watch that piece if you need more convincing!

Final Remarks

As Ukraine is facing adversity in the face of an illegal invasion that has been condemned by the majority of the world, it is more important than ever to stand together against war and violence and to provide moral support for the victims. For instance, if you sit in a hall watching an RG competition, do cheer and support the Ukrainian rhythmic gymnasts – it is important to be clear in our message to support them, to express solidarity, to stand up for humanity, peace and freedom. Another way to help is by making a donation. The Red Cross is a worldwide humanitarian charity currently raising funds to help people of Ukraine who are fleeing the war. They have branches all over the world, including the EU, UK, USA, etc.

Finally, testing times like this reveal a person’s true side. Let’s choose to be honest, kind, and clear about what we stand for. Do not be vague about what you believe in. Stand up for Ukraine! 💙💛

See you next time,


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